Black Velvet

Black Velvet – We created this blend for all the people who like the Grrrrrrrr in their Coffee.  The primary bean in this blend is from Brazil.

 Brazil produces most of the worlds coffee but if brewed alone you get a very bitter cup of Joe.  I have blended this with Costa Rican and Guatemalan for balance. 

The experience of drinking this coffee starts off bitter and spicy and finishes smokey and smooth.

Blond Nightingale

Blond Nightingale – Why, you might ask? Because, she said so… We were asked to create a light roast coffee blend. At that moment I was listening to some old Wanda Jackson music from the 50’s. In the music business a Nightingale is the artist who sings like a song bird. The Nightingale bird is said to be able to sing a light song that will carry away all the worries of life. This is a lightly roasted Breakfast Blend that we have put together with hand selected beans. Please enjoy this beautiful Blond cup of heaven that will carry you away to a better place.

Chocolate Gravy

Chocolate Gravy – A Dark Roast Breakfast Blend, need we say more?  If you call yourself a Sooner then you have enjoyed Chocolate Gravy and Cat Head Biscuits, with salt meat and eggs cooked over easy-extra runny.  My good friend Kenneth Shankle loved breakfast, no matter what time of day it happened to be when he got hungry. We created this blend in his honor.  This is a classic Dark Roast Breakfast Blend.  Breakfast should be the best meal of your day, no matter what time of day you enjoy it.  Begin every day with our “Chocolate Gravy”, it will put a smile on your face.


Thank you Kenneth for all the great times we had.  You still inspire us everyday...


Gaucho – Cowboys from Oklahoma and the world over wake up and drink dark, bold coffee. In Columbia the common cowboy is called a Gaucho. To celebrate all cowboys, we created a three bean coffee blend with Colombian being the primary bean (Because a Cowboy always has two side kicks). It is blended with Costa Rican and Guatemalan. This blend produces a robust coffee flavor and brings together the strong caramel sweetness and nutty undertones of the Colombian with the wine acidity, chocolate, almonds, citrus notes of the Costa Rican. The Guatemalan lends its spicy velvety undertones.