Red Fern

The Red Fern and Tahlequah are synonymous. They are inseparable since 1961 when Wilson Rawls wrote a book about a boy, his coonhounds, and the Ozark Hills. The truth is The Red Fern is a myth, but we here in Tahlequah choose to believe in an Indian story about a truly amazing plant called the Red Fern. The wise Native tells of how a little Indian Boy and Girl were lost in a blizzard and had frozen to death. In the spring, when their bodies were found a beautiful Red Fern had grown up between their two bodies. The story went on to say that only an angel could plant the seed of the Red Fern, and when planted the seed would never die and the site would always be sacred.

Please enjoy The Red Fern Blend and choose to believe.

Spring Creek

Spring Creek - If you grew up in Cherokee County Oklahoma you more than likely swam in Spring Creek to cool off from the summer heat. Spring Creek is still cold and pure today.

Our Spring Creek Blend is Decaffeinated with pure spring water. No chemicals are used in the decaffeinating process.

We take pride in bringing the Spring Creek Blend to you as a great Decaffeinated blend that still has that robust coffee taste that we all enjoy.

Espro yo

“Espro Yo” Catchy name, right.

This is our very own brain child. Espresso is an adjective, not a noun. Espro Yo is a very unique Espresso blend. You will not find it anywhere else on the planet. We describe it as an Energizing Espresso Blend, because it has been known to keep those who drink it awake and alert for days. Please drink frequently and through caution to the wind. Live, Love, and be passionate about your Coffee. The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, and passion. Please choose Rose Rock Coffee, Love “Espro Yo”, and be passionate about our coffee.

Peace Out….