Boomer Sooner

Boomer Sooner” - The name is a direct link to the frontier days of the Oklahoma Territory. A newspaper article in 1879 would change Oklahoma’s Future. The newspaper article described the land in Oklahoma Territory as a “Boomer’s Paradise.” Groups of would-be settlers, now referred to as Boomers, lobbied Congress to open these lands to settlement, but were rebuffed by both the government and the US Army. In 1889, President Benjamin Harrison signed a bill opening the Oklahoma Territory to settlement, which led to an enormous “land rush.” At noon on April 22, 1889, the pistols went off. But some just couldn’t wait for the cue, and crossed too soon -- hence, “Sooner”. The cry “Boomer Sooner” has been yelled across Oklahoma for over 100 years now. We blended this coffee in the spirit of “Boomer Sooner”. When you drink this coffee please close your eyes and feel the spirit and vigor of those brave pioneers who participated in the Oklahoma land rush of 1889. “Boomer Sooner”

GO Pokes

“Go Pokes” - When attended Oklahoma State University, OSU, I proudly yelled “Go Pokes” at every sporting event and whenever greeting a fellow Poke. Oklahoma is located in an essential geography where, in the accounts of its history, cattle herds were driven. Aside from Oklahoma’s unofficial alternative name The Sooner State, the state of Oklahoma has other acceptable names. The Boomer State, The Ok State, The Cowboy State, and Pokes are among the names Oklahoma can be called. Many query of why the state is called the Pokes, especially in the field of sports. The Pokes, is the short form of the word cowpokes. Oklahoma State University is steeped in agriculture tradition so it was just natural that the official battle cry be “Go Pokes”. So yell it loud and proud…...