help us celebrate Women Artists of the West

Women Artists of the West (WAOW) is a group whose specific objectives include uniting women artists; promoting appreciation of art created by women; encouraging technical excellence by educating artists and the public through exhibitions and workshops. Founded in 1971 in Norco, California by a small group of women wanting to network as professionals and compete in the world of art. They pooled their efforts and began promoting their careers with shows and advertising. WAOAW soon became known for its high caliber of artists and distinctive western style. The common thread of WAOW artists is the passion for their work and the desire to express the joy and beauty of the world around them. During the organization’s existence, WAOW members have collectively made their mark on the art world.

It takes many steps to create a perfect cup of coffee. It also takes time and work. In this way, we can say that art is a bit like coffee. Becoming an accomplished artist takes time and effort. Artists whose images were chosen to grace our Rose Rock Coffee bags are from a nationally recognized group - the Women Artists of the West. We are pleased to support their creative work by using their images and introducing you to these fine painters and sculptors. Coffee and art - the perfect blend. We will be rolling out a limited release of coffee celebrating 14 artist and members of WAOW.   Enjoy the Coffee & the Art!